AirClean ventilation system

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AirClean 180
AirClean 300

Demand controlled quantities of exhaust air

The AirClean is regulated by the controls in the exhaust air units.Each unit is equipped eith the necessary sensor technology and ensures optimal control. In contrast to all other exhaus air units, the exhaust units used in the AirClean system incerease the amount of air in the abthroom or toilet (during the use of the sanitary facilities) which in turn enables faster extraction of humidity or the odour-contaminated air.

Energy-efficient summer operation

During summer, the AirClean system supply fans are turned off and the exhaus fans are only turned on wehn needed. THe required air supply is provided through opened windows or doors. Continuous opteration is possible, but not necessary. Energy consumption and the replacement interval for the filter is reduced to a minimum and thus increases the lifetime of the system. Switching off is onlay possible when the eyhaust unit is fitted with air-thight non-return valves, which prevent an overflow of pollutant between the exhaust spaces.

Customised filter system

The filter system for the air supply can be equipped with an F7 filter and a G4 pre-filter. Each exhaust fan contains a filter. Due to the low flow speed of each filter, the change interval is longer than bay conventional system. In addition, the filter at the eyhaus point protects the duct system against impurities.

User friendly operation

By pressing the light switches, use of the bathroom (humidity control), and much more, adapts the air flows to user behaviour. All of this is possible without the conscious intervention of the occupants.

Easy maintenance

The low level maintenance work can easily be done yourself, without tools and requires no specialist staff.