Limodor Single Pipe Ventilation System

The Limodor system
Example of installation


Characteristics of the Limodor single pipe ventilation system



Excellent, preventive fire protection through fire-resistant casing, proven through fire tests by the state-authorized testing institute of the Fire Prevention Agency for Upper Austria (Brandverhütungsstelle für OÖ) and by the Institute for Home Automation of the Technical University of Munich.

Maintenance-free fire dampers

In connection with the LIMODOR ventilator or externally when the ventilator is mounted outside of the duct. Tested by MPA-Erwitte and IBS-Linz.

Protection from odor nuisance

Replaceable, tight-fitting non-return flaps according to ÖNORM M 7637, type-tested by TÜV Vienna. Tightness below 1 l/h.

Sound insulation in building construction

according to ÖNORM M 7645 and DIN 4109 is fulfilled. Airborne sound insulation (LSM) in operation and at rest +7 dB(A). Normalized level difference and sound level difference (noise reduction) from bathroom to bathroom at 1000 Hz ca. 63 dB(A). Noise level in living and bed rooms of other flats in operation and at rest 17 dB(A), in own living and bed rooms 26 dB(A).

Noise production of LIMODOR ventilators

Noise production of all LIMODOR ventilators is tested by the MA39-WIEN according to ÖNORM S5031.  

Curvatures of the main pipe

The LIMODOR single pipe ventilation system enables direction changes, horizontal curvatures and so on. Nevertheless, this requires a detailed calculation of the pipe dimension. You can order a free computer program from the company LIMOT.

Pipe dimensioning

The use of different product makes requires different pipe dimensions. The pipe dimension depends on the respective individual ventilator make (nominal air-handling capacity and pressure difference). If an individual ventilator type is changed, the pipe dimension has to be recalculated.



Easily replaceable dust filters

Thanks to the double-walled special sealing lid anybody can easily replace the dust filters without the need for tools.

Self-resetting thermal cut-out

in the engine prevents overload. All engines in the LIMODOR individual ventilators are 100% suitable for continuous operation.

Particularly high life span

of the carefully designed long-term engine through isolated and lacquer-impregnated coil.

Stable output

even at 40 Pa wind load and at different operating modes due to a changing number of connected LIMODOR ventilators in operation.

Automatic pressure increase

within certain limits in case of resistance (wind load)


possible in all positions, without reduction of performance or life span of the individual LIMODOR ventilator.

Design according to ÖNORM

LIMODOR individual ventilation appliances meet all regulations of the ÖNORM M 7637 (individual ventilation appliances for living areas) and M 7645 (noise reduction). LIMODOR individual ventilation appliances are type–tested by MA39-Wien.

5-year warranty

A thorough final inspection is performed on every product and we grant a 5-year warranty on all LIMODOR individual ventilators in accordance with our warranty conditions.

Austrian high quality product

All LIMODOR appliances are Austrian developments and tested Austrian quality products.